Doing what you love, the contagion effect and living a better future


Just a few days ago I got a note from one of my all time favorite people and soul sister who happened to take me up on a coaching offer I presented to her in November. This note gave me first hand evidence that the kindness and generosity effect, or emotional contagion is hugely present when one embarks on creating a better future.

So just a little placement here, my coaching practice and philosophies are deeply rooted in the field of Positive Psychology, or another way to put that is, in the evidence based science of well being. Remarkably there is quite a lot of evidence suggesting that emotions are contagious, and that acts of kindness and generosity have a deep impact on not only giver and receiver, but also on anyone who comes in contact with either of these individuals, or sees the act performed first hand. And also remarkable is that the act can be as small as a smile, giving a complement, or sharing a sandwich. This simple act of giving someone something that makes them feel valued and attended to creates a more positive experience for them and makes it more likely that they too will extend a kindness to others they meet throughout the day… and anyone witnessing this kindness is also more likely to behave in a similar fashion.  This concept struck me with  big impact when that little note came into my possession.

Thinking about where my friend Kat is now in comparison to where she was just 9 months ago is inspiring. Through our work she completely Owned her reality, Flipped her experience and is Living, with vitality,  the better future she longed for.  And I have to say it is astonishing. Now as a coach this is a reality I am used to seeing, however what this little note conveyed was something that gave me a birds eye view on the coaching work I love to do.

When it hit me I realized in some “drive it in deeper” way that this work is not just about helping to create a better future for my individual clients… this work is about the positive effects of a better future for far more people than I could ever have enough time to work with, and I am good with that because the work, like emotional contagion exponentially expands. When someone owns their life and becomes the leader in it, amazing things happen… they change and grow, become confident, take risks that had previously scared the pants off of them, they embrace their passions and then they are dedicated, determined  and have meaning and purpose beyond measure and begin to enjoy life in a new and inspiring way.

The reality is that as a coach I usually see the first generation of this contagion effect. I see the change people make and I see them flourish but I had never gotten a chance to experience the bigger impact that work has on other people. Kat is now a Writer, Editor, and Copywriter with her own studio and works with many talented people. People who are benefiting from her lifelong passion for writing and precision as well as her amazing generosity. She is flourishing in her field and Living the Better Future she had at one point felt like she had missed her chance at…. and this is what she wrote in her note to me:

…I’ve put a lot of work into his novel so far, but it’s really wonderful. And then he left me this at the end of one of his messages this morning:

“I think it’s amazing that you are carving out a piece of this world for yourself based on your passions and things that you love to do as opposed to action that is bound to duty, obligation or survival. To me that is inspiring.”

I almost teared up. THAT is half of why I started all this in the first place…and I had to share with someone else who would understand, and then thank you for helping me find what it actually was I was trying to do.


And that’s it.. That’s the reason I love what I do. That’s the reason I want to help you say Hello Better Future. 


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