Fresh Start: Own It. Flip It. Live It. 


It is inevitable… at some point in our lives we all crave a fresh start. Spring seems to be the season that I think of when considering a fresh start. Opening all of the windows welcoming in crisp new air, cleaning out from the long winter and being ready for summer.   Chartreuse leaves popping out of bare branches and vibrant colors appearing in patches all over the landscape.  The fact of the matter is however that summer comes quickly and the frenetic pace of playfulness and trips, camps and enjoying what seems to be the shortest of all seasons leaves us little time to really engage in creating that fresh start we long for.

And this is the way it goes for many. Creating a fresh start requires really owning the experience we have. It requires that we recognize ourselves as the leaders in our own lives, rather than blaming the season, the job, the house, the boss, the environment, anyone or anything for finding ourselves in the circumstance of living in a state of longing. In order to really engage in a fresh start we have to take responsibility for the condition of our lives and Own It.

Owning our reality can be tricky. Many of us have habits of thought that are based on the idea that others are responsible for our feelings, or that we are responsible for the feelings of others. But here is a secret… you are responsible for your feelings and you are not responsible for the feelings of others. Now that isn’t to say that we aren’t responsible to care about others feelings, we are, but that is something entirely different from being responsible for them.  The only feelings we are responsible for are our own. This seems like a pretty simple statement, but once you internalize this life shifting concept your understanding of where you are and what has been keeping you from a fresh start may just flip upside-down.

Flipping a perception about others being responsible for your feelings may also begin to open the reality that you are living in a way that does not support what you want to feel or the life you desire. You may find that your are longing for a life that you are not living.  So the questions then become:

What does the life you are longing for look like?

What do you want to feel?

What do you really want?

What are you willing to do in order to live the life you want?

How can your life be different, how can you Flip It, how can you Live It?

Having a vision for what you want unfortunately will only get you so far… “Dream Big” we hear and yet all the dreaming in the world won’t really get you anywhere different than you already are, infact dreaming can sometimes just exacerbate the longing. So here is the game changer, or in this case here is the life changer…. you have to begin to live the life you want. You have to take action… yes that means you have to do some things differently, make different plans and stretch outside of what has become comfortable. You don’t have to quit your job, leave your partner, move to a new state, or even lose 20 pounds….unless those are the things you truly want, and even then you don’t have to do anything drastic by the end of the day. Living the lives we long for can only come to fruition if we take manageable steps that make our better future possible. Knowing what we want, what we want to feel, making a plan, taking actions and being reflective about those actions in ways that help us grow and learn will, without a doubt have an impact on whether we actually ever get the Fresh Start we crave.

If you are ready for a Fresh Start lets have a chat… I can help you Own It. Flip It. Live It.

Say Hello Better Future



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