Hello Better Future


At 7 I was pushing the furniture around my room to create the most satisfying and enjoyable environment.

At 14 I was interested in horoscopes and being enchanted by hopeful and possible futures

At 21 I was off on the independent adventure of inventing myself in what would be my life

At 28 the adventure of possibility and artful life making continued

At 35 I was creating and inventing the lives of others

At 42 I was pushing the furniture around other peoples rooms to create the most satisfying and enjoyable environment

Now I am invested in the science of wellbeing, positive psychology, the neuroscience of change, and pushing new thinking around to create the most satisfying and enjoyable life.  And I am still enchanted by hopeful and possible futures.

I am forever on the adventure of saying “Hello” to a Better Future… and the possibility and hopefulness continues.

Are you wondering what you need in order to say “Hello” to a Better Future? Let me tell you a little secret. First you need to recognize that you can do something about your future today, you can do something different.

This will give you the motivation to move into action. Which means engaging in finding some non judgmental support and positive accountability.

That’s when you will be excited that life can be better by investing in intention through action.

You’ll get things done.. and will appreciate the efforts you’ve made and recognize the efforts that still need to be made.

You will become grateful for where you have been and where you are headed.

And you will invest again in your intentions with action.

You will begin to savor the journey and the moments and appreciate them in every breath….. and continue in action.

And then we will celebrate that you have said “Hello” and are living your own Better Future.

I am passionate about helping people create and invent their best lives… personally, professionally and playfully.

So here is a personal invitation to schedule a complementary Reclaim Life and Energy Discovery Conversation  or a Mapping Essential Self Care Discovery Conversation with me, in person, by phone or via Skype. Or if you’d like to introduce yourself, and chat first please call me at  802•324•2240 or via email here:

I’m looking forward to hearing about how you’d like to say Hello to a Better Future!

Kristin Humbargar MFA, CiPP



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